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Charitable Foundation

We all share the burden of responsibility for the society and environment we live in.

ABLV Charitable Foundation is a corporate charitable foundation whose operating goal is to encourage the responsibility of business and society as a whole towards fellow citizens and the environment.

ABLV Charitable Foundation was founded on 7 November 2006. 

The Foundation supports creative people and outstanding organisations that invest their efforts and knowledge to achieve goals of importance to society as a whole — to form a strong Latvian state and united and affluent society.

Since the founding of the Foundation, we have focused our attention on contemporary art, children and adolescents, education and the development of civic society.
In commencing a new cycle of work, we will continue to work to achieve our goals in three areas: “Children and Families”, “Contemporary Art” and “Education”.

During the seven years since the founding of the ABLV Charitable Foundation, to date the Foundation has invested more than EUR one million in charitable works, including:

  • projects in support of children and families: EUR 488,000
  • projects in support of contemporary art: EUR 410,200
  • projects in support of education: EUR 53,600
  • projects encouraging the development of NGOs: EUR 111,400.

We are grateful to every one of donors and cooperation partners for the resources and energy that they have invested during the seven years we have worked together to make Latvia a better place in which to grow and develop, learn and be inspired, create and improve!

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