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“Pārmīt” - an Exhibition of Diploma Works by Graduates of the Art Academy of Latvia

August 7, 2014

For the fifth year in a row, ABLV Charitable Foundation is collaborating with the Art Academy of Latvia, supporting the organisation of an exhibition of the diploma works of Master’s programme students, as well as the publication of the yearbook.

On 7 August 2014, the Art Academy of Latvia hosted the opening of the by now traditional exhibition of the diploma works of Master’s programme graduates, which this year has been entitled “Pārmīt” (“Exchange”). The exhibition showcases visual and visually plastic fields of art, giving the viewer the chance to discover works that have not been seen by the general public, because they were exhibited only for a brief period of time during the presentation of diploma works at the conclusion of the past study year. After an exacting selection conducted in close collaboration with the heads of the Art Academy of Latvia’s sub-disciplines, those emerging artists were chosen to participate in the exhibition, whose signature style and abilities are characterised by innovation and significant creative potential, which will undoubtedly be recognised in future in the Latvian and international cultural space. Suffused in ideas, this varied exhibition showcases works from the sub-disciplines of Painting, Graphics, Textile Art, Ceramics, Sculpture and Glass Art.

As is the case every year, a common denominator is sought for the various manifestations of creative language, which succinctly defines the emerging artists’ body of work through a play on words in the title of the exhibition. Toying with the various meanings of the word “pārmīt”, the viewer will be introduced to the artists who reside behind the Academy’s high walls and discover their works, which have been created in collaboration with the tutors for their diploma works, swapping subjects for creative works and their solutions. And finally swapping their environment, heading off for further creative activity beyond the Academy’s walls.

Exhibition participants: Agnese Basova, Dārta Hapanioneka, Vineta Priste-Kārkla, Irīna Špakova, Klāra Grundšteine, Inga Ģibiete, Kristīne Lasmane, Līva Rutmane-Kalniņa, Irēna Andrejeva, Annika Dzērve, Līva Kaprāle, Maruta Gredzena, Ieva Ekmane, Laura Ose, Diāna Janušone and Elīna Vojevoda.

The exhibition is open to the public until 27 August.

Exhibition Curator: Antra Priede.

Photograph: fragment of the exhibition poster. Photographer: Inga Ģibiete.

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