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Photo exhibition “Latvia’s Little Castles of Light”

August 28, 2014

On 28 August, the Castle of Light’s Mezzanine hosted the opening of a photo exhibition entitled “Latvia’s Little Castles of Light” and the launch of a companion catalogue, both of which are supported by ABLV Charitable Foundation.

The opening of the exhibition “Latvia’s Little Castles of Light” was part of Regions’ Day, part of the programme celebrating the opening week of the National Library of Latvia’s new building. The photo exhibition showcases 59 of Latvia’s libraries which have undergone positive transformations over the past decade. The exhibition’s organisers would like to emphasise that not only has a new building been built for the National Library of Latvia, but Latvia’s towns and parishes are also getting their own “local Castles of Light”.

In the catalogue dedicated to the exhibition, photographs are accompanied by librarians’ stories about their little “Castles of Light”.

According to architect and exhibition curator Jānis Dripe: “This is a project visualising points of light and story of the positive processes in Latvia’s libraries from Līvāni to Valmiera, from Kursīši to Medumi or Jumurda, Mārupe and Zorģi. Even though scales and means are often incomparable, we endeavoured to notice not only excellence, but also goodwill in all of Latvia’s regions. A modern library has long since been much more than a repository for books. It is a place where cultural heritage and cutting edge technologies, the book and virtual text, the tranquility of small towns and the breath of the world, architecture and content co-exist wonderfully.”

The idea of the “Latvia’s Little Castles of Light” exhibition and catalogue was conceived by the Director of the National Library of Latvia Andris Vilks and the Director of Limbaži Main Library Dzintra Justa.

The exhibition “Latvia’s Little Castles of Light” was on view at the National Library of Latvia’s new building until 18 September 2014, but it will also be exhibited in other districts of Latvia.

Planned exhibition venues:

Salaspils District Library: 21.09.2015 - 10.10.2015

Ventspils Main Library / Pārventa Library: 10.10.14 - 02.11.14.
Valmiera Integrated Library: 12.11.14 - 29.11.14.
Daugavpils, Latgale Central Library: 05.12.14 - 21.12.14.
Jelgava Central Scientific Library: 05.01.15 - 26.01.15.
Limbaži Main Library: 30.01.15 - 17.02.15.
Mazsalaca Library: 19.02.15 - 11.03.15.
Kocēni 1st Library: 13.03.15 - 27.03.15.
Saldus City Library: 30.03.15 - 18.04.15.
Kuldīga Main Library: 20.04.15 - 17.05.15.
Viļaka District Library: 19.05.15 - 05.06.15.
Madona District Library: 06.06.15 - 27.06.15.
Tukums Library: 29.06.15. - 18.07.15.
Preiļi Main Library: 20.07.2015. - 09.08.2015.
Salaspils District Library: 21.09.2015. - 10.10.2015.

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