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The AAL Graduates’ Exhibition “Mapping the Future”

August 4, 2015

For the sixth consecutive year, under the auspices of its "Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions" programme, the ABLV Charitable Foundation is supporting the Art Academy of Latvia's Master's programme graduates' exhibition.

From 7 to 26 August 2015, the Art Academy of Latvia will host the annual Master’s programme graduates’ exhibition. As is the case every year, a suitable common denominator is sought for the most vivid and convincing works of art, which were exhibited on individual defence days, for the most part remaining invisible to a broader audience. 

The works are interwoven with individual motifs, which describe the manifestation of the artist’s private space in their works, as well as outline the portrayal of the sensibilities born of a very personal landscape. The dominance of space and personal time alludes to the potential development of the creative activity of these emerging artists, which is why the title of the exhibition signifies the combination of forthcoming and potential creative activities with mapping the future. 

As is the case every year, the selection of works was made, in collaboration with the sub-departmental heads. This year, the Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Ceramics, Set Design and Visual Communication sub-departments were represented, exhibiting the most compelling diploma works.
The works on view in the exhibition represent a broad range of media and technical solutions, highlighting the numerous directions in which one can express oneself creatively in graduating from the Art Academy of Latvia. 

As part of the exhibition’s opening ceremony, on 6 August 2015 at 18:30, a performance will take place in which Lauris Vītoliņš’ diploma project will be set in motion. 

Participants in the exhibition: Māra Brīvere, Anete Lesīte, Madara Neikena, Ilze Raudiņa, Dagne Ventiņa, Barbara Ābeltiņa, Madara Platā, Paula Pelše, Ansis Dobičins, Zane Elerte, Lauris Vītoliņš, Anna Rubene-Zīdere, Ieva Balode, Madara Dzintara-Pluša, Viktorija Eksta and Sintija Jēkabsone.

Exhibition curator: Antra Priede.

Picture: Inga Ģibiete. Graphic design.

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