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The popular attraction “the Globe” returns to Jurmala’s urban environment

July 24, 2016

On Saturday, newly restored with the support of the ABLV Charitable Foundation historical environmental object “the Globe” was erected at the crossing of Turaidas Street and Jomas Street in Jurmala. Last year it was dismantled and sent for restoration works.

During the process of renovating the historical form of the sculpture of “the Globe”, which has a diameter of two metres, a new load-bearing structure was created to support the copper panels adorning the equators and meridians, along with a supporting leg, fastening the sculpture to the ground. In order to protect “the Globe’s” load-bearing structure from the impact of the outdoor environment, an extremely durable material, i,.e. galvanized steel, was used for its renovation. Some of the copper panels damaged over time were restored, whereas others were newly created using the historical practice of chiselling copper, and placed on the newly made equator, meridians and load-bearing structures supporting “the Globe”. Likewise, “the Globe’s” motion and light mechanisms were restored so that it can now once again turn on its axis, while lamps will illuminate Jurmala’s twin towns that are highlighted on the map.

“The Globe” was first erected near the Dzintari Concert Hall in the early 1970s. As a result, for many visitors to the city, it becam a symbol of this era, as evidenced in the national territories outlined on the globe’s map. Cities twinned with Jūrmala since the 1970s are also identified on the map with illuminated circles.

“In order for the oldest large globe in Latvia to be able to bring pleasure to city residents and visitors, we have taken care of it since its reconstruction in 2003 and give it a makeover every year in time for the city festival. Since it was very distressed, the ABLV Charitable Foundation certified its custodianship of “the Globe” with a partnership agreement signed with Jurmala City Council, under which we undertook its complete restoration and the commitment to continue to inspect it on an annual basis, and, if necessary, to carry out repairs to it. It is not just enriching the urban environment with art objects that matters to us, but also taking care to ensure that they do not lose their aesthetic appeal in the long-term,” explains ABLV Charitable Foundation Board Chair Zanda Zilgalve.

In accordance with a commission by Jurmala City Council, “the Globe” was restored by a certified metal artist Ainārs Sils (SIA “Sils un Sili”) at his studio in Lauciena. “The Globe’s" renovation costs were covered by the ABLV Charitable Foundation.

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