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Every year in Latvia about 90 children need hearing aids

November 30, 2016

Hearing aids for people with hearing problems are the key to helping them get the most out of their education and career, as well giving them the freedom of choice in their future lives. In the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s 10th anniversary charitable campaign, we are inviting people to make donations to help us obtain multi-channel digital hearing aids for kids with hearing problems and promise to match each donation with an equal donation of our own, thus doubling the total sum donated.

“Multi-channel digital hearing aids improve the quality of life - this small device helps children with hearing problems not only to hear the world around them, but also to develop their verbal communication. Every year, about 90 children need hearing aids. For half of them, this is the first time that they have been diagnosed as suffering from hearing problems, whereas the rest need new hearing aids, because their hearing has deteriorated or their current devices have become technologically outdated over the years,” explains the Head of the Latvian Children’s Hearing Centre Dr. med. Sandra Kušķe.

“During the past nine years, by providing them with digital hearing aids, we have helped to bring several hundred children in Latvia closer to the wonderful world of sound. With the help of appropriate equipment to improve their hearing, as well as training and the work done by the family as a whole, children with hearing problems have a much bigger chance of being admitted to a general educational school and securing their dream jobs in future. We invite you to make a donation that will help us to obtain hearing aids for children with hearing problems and promise to double the amount donated to the programme by making a matching donation of our own,” explains ABLV Charitable Foundation Chairman of the Board Zanda Zilgalve.

We would like to introduce you to Estere, whose live have significantly changed thanks to multi-channel digital hearing aids. Estere, who began to suffer from a loss of hearing after undergoing chemotherapy, can study at her local school and dance sports dances. You can check out her video story here.

During the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s 10th anniversary charitable campaign, donations can be made until 31 December 2016 to three programmes:

The “Let’s Help Them to Hear!” Programme
During the past nine years, 333 kids have received high quality digital hearing aids worth over EUR 600,000. Hearing aids offer kids the opportunity to become more independent, and open up major educational and employment possibilities for them in the future. During the campaign, every euro you donate will be matched by an equal donation by the ABLV Charitable Foundation, thus doubling the total donation. You can study the results of our work to date in this report.

The “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” Programme
Thanks to your generous donations totalling more than EUR 300,000 over a five year period, 144 camps supported by the Foundation have brought joy to over 4,000 children and parents from socially vulnerable families. Educational and active development camps facilitate the integration into society of socially vulnerable children and their families. The report can be found here.

The “New Riga” Programme
This summer, with the Foundation’s support, Riga’s biggest fountain in Kronvalda Park became Europe’s first interactive fountain – it can now be “conducted” by anyone, who gestures with their hands to prompt the water to rise and fall without even touching it. The Foundation encourages the development of an aesthetically pleasing and safe urban environment, devoting particular attention to ensuring that existing cultural heritage is preserved through new innovations. Your donations will support landscaping projects in Central Riga, as well as the establishment of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. Overview of the programme can be found here.

Requisites for donations:
Foundation “ABLV Charitable Foundation”
ABLV Bank, A/S, Code: AIZKLV22
Acc. No. LV75AIZK0001130082670 (for donors who consent to receive a public expression of gratitude) or
Acc. No. LV91AIZK0000020082670 (for donors who wish to remain anonymous)
In accordance with your choice and payment objective, please specify the title of your chosen programme:
“Let’s Help Them to Hear!”, “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” or “New Riga”.

The ABLV Charitable Foundation has been awarded public benefit status. Therefore, in making a donation by bank transfer, you will be entitled to tax relief. For more information on programmes and progress so far please visit www.ablv.org.

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