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July 17, 2017

The ABLV Charitable Foundation’s 10th anniversary annual report has just been published!

During the course of 2016, the Foundation’s operations have become even more dynamic. We are pleased to announce that both the number of our charitable activities and the range of beneficiaries of our support have increased significantly, now influencing the lives of almost one quarter of Latvia’s population. Thanks to the thorough, diligent and prudent work of the Foundation’s employees and management, investing their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience into charitable projects, ABLV Charitable Foundation has successfully grown into one of the biggest and most widely-known charitable foundations in Latvia, supporting creative people and organisations that make every effort to attain a common goal of importance to everyone, i.e. the formation of a cohesive, prosperous and safe society.

To realize its core values in practice and nurture the actively responsible conduct of entrepreneurs towards society and the environment, ten years ago the ABLV Charitable Foundation was founded by philanthropists Ernests Bernis and Oļegs Fiļs. The Foundation started out working on small projects of various types, but currently it can already boast 10 charitable programmes in five fields: Contemporary Art, Children and Families, Education, the Urban Environment, and Philanthropists’ Projects, a field newly established in 2016!

The Foundation devotes utmost care and responsibility to the implementation of all its programmes, and to raising public awareness of its work. Accordingly, every year the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s annual report is published in order to reflect the Foundation’s increasingly diverse operations as precisely and clearly as possible. This is the Foundation’s third annual report in catalogue format, and in the active and energetically industrious spirit of the Foundation’s anniversary year, it has turned out to be both colourful and illustrative, with articles and interviews augmented by bright photographs, visualisations and infographics.

The report has been designed in the ABLV Charitable Foundation’s corporate style and most of its contents are comprised of the so-called “lyrical” section, in which the Foundation’s management and employees share their experience of the Foundation’s biggest operational challenges, most important plans and daily experiences, concluding with the financial report and our gratitude to all the donors and supporters, whose selfless generosity makes the work of the Foundation possible.

You are welcome to study a printed version of the report at the Foundation’s premises, but it is also available here in electronic format in English.

We also invite you to follow the Foundation’s activities and growth on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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