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Drawing Theatre in Camps

May 29, 2013

Three different Drawing Theatre performances for summer camp participants and the general public.

To augment the daily summer camp programme and give local children the chance to get a look at life in camp: during the 2013 season, the Foundation arranged for the Drawing Theatre to perform three plays at eight camps. These performances were also open to members of the public.

The play “Wolf” offers an introduction to Latvian folklore heritage – the image of the wolf in tales, beliefs, riddles and folk songs. The tale is illustrated by an artist’s paintings and music, stimulating the imagination of viewers and inviting them to participate in the performance. Participants in the play are artist Anda Lāce and actors Kārlis Krūmiņš, Varis Klausītājs and Marta Ančevska.
 The play “Seven Stories about Ņukucītis” is inspired by poet Aivars Neibarts’ stories. Unusually, the starring role in the play is not played by an actor, but the process of drawing. It is augmented by contemporary dance elements and the story of the play’s principal hero Ņukucītis. Participants in the play are artist Anda Lāce, dancer Agnese Bordjukova and narrator Varis Klausītājs.
The mono-play “You’re Welcome” is a form of improvisation theatre, which entails the direct involvement of viewers in the process of the creation of the play. Viewers create stories which become visible in Varis Klausītājs’ drawing. Participants in the play are Varis Klausītājs and all those viewers present and creatively active.
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