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Arterritory Conversations about Contemporary Art

October 4, 2013

In order to inform society about various current issues in contemporary art, the Foundation is supporting the arrangement of interviews with art experts that are published on the website: arterritory.com.

In 2013, ABLV Charitable Foundation began a collaboration with the art and culture website: Arterritory.com. The Foundation has provided support for the arrangement of several interviews with notable contemporary art professionals. In the autumn, the best conversations will also be published in the printed magazine.

Articles published on the website to date:

  • “Dancing in Front of a Piece of Art”. A conversation with collector Thomas Olbricht;
  • “Gestalten – a Manifestation of Good Taste”. A conversation with Gestalten Publishing House President Robert Klanten;
  • “Nothing is Random”. A interview with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels;
  • “The Paradox of Speed and Stillness”. An interview with the famous curator and Co-Director of London’s Serpentine Gallery, Hans Ulrich Obrist;
  • “The Search for Historical Longevity”. A conversation with Andrew Renton, Head of the prestigious Marlborough Gallery’s new branch Marlborough Contemporary;
  • “Art is Created from Reality”. A conversation with contemporary art legend, painter Luc Tuymans.

Information sources: www.arteritorry.com

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