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Educational Project Implemented as Part of the Exhibition “...for an occurrence to become an adventure...” Ends

November 21, 2013

From 20 September - 27 October 2013, an educational project organised by ABLV Charitable Foundation took place under the auspices of “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…”, the exhibition of the collection of contemporary art works formed by ABLV Bank, in the form of an interactive, educational game for secondary school pupils, which saw Rīga Art Space welcome 252 previously booked groups of schoolchildren.

In studying the audience of secondary school children, drawing inspiration from global best practice in museum education, adapting teaching matter to works of art, and addressing teachers; over a five week period, we succeeded in welcoming 3,236 schoolchildren.

Teachers of humanitarian (54%) and exact (46%) subjects from Rīga (74%) and other cities including Jūrmala, Ogre, Jelgava, Sigulda and even Ventspils, Balvi, Aizkraukle and Alūksne actively registered schoolchildren to participate in this interactive educational game.

After taking part in the interactive, educational game and thoroughly studying ABLV Bank’s contemporary art collection, schoolchildren had the chance to spend some time implementing creative ideas themselves. For a week after the conclusion of the exhibition, ABLV Charitable Foundation received carefully devised, imaginatively conceived creative works prepared by teams of schoolchildren led by a teacher, and submitted as entries in a competition. After carefully evaluating the works, the jury nominated five competition winning teams from Rīga’s 92nd Secondary School, Jelgava Spīdola Secondary School, Rīga’s Christian Secondary School, Rīga’s Ostvalda Secondary School and the Rīga State Technical School. Members of the competition winning teams were awarded comprehensive ABLV Bank contemporary art albums “Without Walls”, but the team leaders and teachers received IPad Mini, in order to learn themselves and teach pupils to master various knowledge and skills in a modern manner.

The feedback from teachers themselves to the education project has been most favourable. After their participation in the interactive, educational game, collating the opinions of teachers, one can conclude that the education project has had a tangible impact on pupils’ powers of argumentation, ability to concentrate and interdisciplinary view of the world. Similarly, the teachers approved of the use of the game element, saying, “A clear interest arose among schoolchildren to take part, thus even prompting unmotivated pupils to concentrate or at least look at the works of art.”

As a specific example of a teaching excursion, the educational project has provided an impulse to Latvia’s museum sector, prompting it to consider whether museums in Latvia can attract an audience, offering modern museum teaching solutions and achieving high visiting indicators. ABLV Charitable Foundation will continue to devote special attention to supporting informal educational initiatives in the realm of art and culture, creating new educational projects, collaborating with museum sector representatives and encouraging interest in contemporary art events as we approach the opening of the Contemporary Art Museum at some point in the next five years.

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